Sunset Cruising

Enjoy a beautiful sunset in our wonderful vessel “Getting There” and have a different experience at the South of the Island.


Have you fallen in love with a tropical sunset? If not, then discover what a beautiful sky can do for your soul and well-being at sundown. Full of mysticism and gratefulness, a sunset cruising is a great gift to anyone, including yourself. And we will make your trip totally enjoyable.

A time in place that is not reachable just by those privileged, a sunset cruise with the luxury of the “Getting There” is a great experience to have. Call today for your Sunset Cruise booking.

Boating the southern coast of the Big Island at sunset is something not everyone has experienced. We want you to have a special time and feel comfortable. Let us bring you the magic of the Caribbean with our Sunset Cruising.

We also offer Overnight Charters. Call or email for rates.