Deep Sea Fishing for The Skilled and The Rookie


The Skilled Sportsman

If you are an advanced amateur o a pro that want to test your expertise, we have the tools and the right crew to follow your needs. We are experienced fishermen and we understand every one of your needs. We can talk your slang! And we are ready to find for you the right bait, the right reel and the right equipment. Also we can share some knowledge applicable to the Caribbean waters, which is a help for those who do fishing on colder waters.


The Rookie Fisherman

If you are a rookie... We are ready to roll! Who can better show you the basic tricks to start a new sport or enjoy a great day with big game fishing? Our experienced captain and fisherman! With the help of his mates. Let us show you how a good fisherman you can become in half or full day of adventure. We know you will come back!